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Let Delivery Tech's manage and optimize your entire 3rd party online delivery experience!


Not taking advantage of 3rd party delivery? Let Delivery Tech's take away all the headaches of onboarding. We set up your restaurant up for success from get go!
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Menu Optimization

The flow and feel of your menu matters! Delivery Tech's takes a personalized approach, ensuring your new menu increases sales and operational efficiencies. You are going to love your new look, we promise! 24/7 menu updates
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Customer Response

Show your customers you care and are listening! Delivery Tech's establishes a solid line of communication with all of your customers. Don't let bad reviews make it online, let Delivery Tech's put the fire out for you!
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Strategy Sessions

Weekly strategy sessions based in analytics. Let Delivery Tech's take your third-party operation to the next level. Our panel of experts review all key metrics for your delivery operation and review them personally with you on a weekly basis. Focus on the kitchen all week, let Delivery Techs monitor your business for you!
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Sales and operational insights at your fingertips, without having to spend time on the 3rd party merchant portals. We take care of it for you!
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We build out and monitor your third-party marketing campaigns ensuring your money is well spent! Acquire new consumers, while keeping loyal customers for the long haul.
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Take Control over your delivery platforms!

The Team

Delivery Tech's started in 2021 when the realization that most restauranters were not taking advantage of their third-party delivery programs. Too many times Delivery Tech's have come across horror stories of working with third-party platforms, menus that were not optimized for sales and operations that were simply not efficient. Delivery Tech's mission to take away all of the third-party delivery headaches, allowing you to run a more efficient business!

Hossein Kasmai


Gage Anderle

Vice President

Andrew Hajhai

Sales Director


Read more about the team in place to handle all of your online delivery concerns.
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