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Make your communications as flexible as your business

Get a virtual telephone number and unlimited usage!*

Get a new number for immediate activation anywhere in the US or bring your own.

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Make your communications as flexible as your business using VoIP for calls.

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What is VoIP?

small business voip

Unlimited Local and Long Distance
Text from Your Business Number
Keep Your Number

Enterprise PBX

Transition to the Cloud for Management and Flexibility

Already have your own VoIP PBX? Ask about unlimited SIP trunks.

Use your VoIP phones or purchase phones from us.

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Nationwide Footprint
Geo Redundant
Flexible Service
Fully E-911 Compliant

Works with you!

Utilize your existing high-speed Internet connection
Connect to existing VoIP PBX
Free and unlimited calling between Diamond Voice enabled sites
Keep your existing phone numbers, phones and phone system
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SIP Trunking
Remote Offices
Flat Rate or Usage Based

Enterprise scalable solutions for more efficient communications

Voice Over IP HD phones, IP Softphone, and secure Hosted IP PBX
As a business grows and expands, it cannot afford to stay with traditional phone systems. They are too expensive to maintain and grow as well as limited in their capabilities. Diamond Voice offers a top quality Cloud based Voice over IP system for your growing enterprise.

The flexibility to add, remove or change employees quickly and easily gives you simple control over your phone expansion. IP Phones can move from desk to desk or location to location and extensions stay with the employee. No re-wiring or programming is needed. You can easily support remote offices and employees working from home by just plugging their phone into the internet. You can setup a conference call on the fly to make sure important customers and sales are not falling through the cracks.

VoIP uses the powerful internet speed you already pay for each month and converts your office into a virtual presence you and your employees can access from anywhere. You can even use an IP office softphone to make calls directly on your computer. Your representatives can make and receive phone calls just like they were in the office. Any location becomes a sales office.

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Full Featured and Highly Scalable Cloud Telephone Service Made Easy

Build Your Image

As a small business owner, you wear many hats and need to be in many places all at once. Create the professional persona of a full-fledged business without bringing on more employees. Are you still using a standard phone system in your business? Are you aware that you could be saving-money every month just by switching to a modern VoIP phone-system??

How does VoIP Work?

The way that VoIP calls work is by using the existing internet connection in your office to make all your local as well as long-distance phone calls. With flat rate pricing for VoIP calls, you don't have to stress over minutes OR bills any longer! Use your cell phone as a mobile VoIP phone and have a business and a personal lines on one phone.

Save Money

Still confused? Consider VoIP like e-mail. You don't pay for each e-mail you send, you just pay for your internet connection. VoIP works the same way, literally an internet phone! So why are you paying for every phone call you make? Upgrade to a VoIP Business Phone System and you can save money every month, as well as receive a much better and more reliable service.

Choose Your Phone

VoIP phones can be simple software-based softphones that turn your cell phone into a mobile VoIP phone or your computer into an internet phone. Purpose-built hardware devices such as an ordinary desk telephone or a cordless phone have been re-engineered to work as IP phones. Traditional PSTN phones can also be used as VoIP phones with analog telephone adapters (ATA).

Requirements to use Cloud PBX Phone Service

Internet Connection

At least 1 MB Download Speed per user and Ping under 90 ms

IP Phone

Use your existing IP Phone or purchase a pre-programmed IP Phone from us
Test Your Speed and Ping
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