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VoIP PBX Service

All VoIP Packages Include a Dedicated Phone Number or Bring Your Own

Metered Cloud Service
Casual Use
Local DID
Keep your existing number
500 minutes included
Unlimited Cloud Service
Small Office
Unlimited* Local
Unlimited* Long Distance
Local DID
Metered SIP Trunks
Managed Enterprise
Works with your VoIP PBX
Keep existing numbers
500 Minutes included
Unlimited SIP Trunks
Unlimited* Local
Unlimited* Long Distance
Works with your VoIP PBX

Peace of Mind Included!

Nationwide Footprint
Geo Redundant
Flexible Service
Fully E-911 Compliant

Works With You!

Utilize your existing high-speed Internet connection
Connect to existing VoIP PBX
Free and unlimited calling between Diamond Voice enabled sites
Keep your existing phone numbers, phones and phone system

Cloud PBX Phone Service includes:

Auto Attendant IVR

Professionally answer incoming calls with flexible call routing options. Professional voice talent available for moderate cost.

Simultaneous Ring

Inbound calls ring multiple phones at the same time.

Take Back and Transfer

Transfer calls from your cell phone, home or remote office to another extension.

Voicemail Delivery to Email as WAV

Receive your voicemails almost instantly when it records and shows up as a playable file in your email.

Music & Message on Hold

Custom Message On Hold Use the default music or provide your own script to have Professionally recorded messages heard by callers.

Escalated Message Delivery

Tired Messages notification to multiple persons

DID Direct Inward Dial Telephone Number

Dedicated telephone numbers that ring directly to departments or individuals.

Toll Free Telephone Numbers*

Activate a new number or bring your own.
*Additional cost per minute

Scheduled Mailbox Greetings

Set a Day, Night, Lunch or Weekend greeting and schedule it to play at a specific time.

Fax to Email with Dedicated Number*

Receive faxes in your email automatically to a personal, dedicated fax number. Faxes are delivered as .PDF files.
*May require additional charge

Name Directory

Lookup employees by first or last name.

See Plans and Pricing

Requirements to use Cloud PBX Phone Service:

Internet Connection

At least 1 MB Download Speed per user and Ping under 90 ms

IP Phone

Use your existing IP Phone or purchase a pre-programmed IP Phone from us

voip plans and pricing

VoIP Features & Functions

Manage communications and advanced call features right from the web!

Cloud Phone service provides a cost-effective alternative to a PBX or a key legacy phone system. With high speed broadband access, Diamond Voice can provision individual business lines with the features of your choice. Combine Cloud Phone service with IVR features and you have everything you need to communicate more effectively and efficiently.

Call Forwarding Priority Routing

Block unwanted callers and control the times when other calls are permitted. Special Routing options include time of day and day of week. You can even create a list of friends that are never blocked from calling you.Give special clients priority access straight to your phone! Enable Find Me Follow Me Call Forwarding to stay in touch in or out of the office.

Simultaneous Ring

With Simultaneous Ring Service, you can direct your incoming calls to automatically ring up to six different phones (your office phone, your home phone, and any mobile phone, for example) depending on where you will be at different times during the day. Simultaneous Ring Service guarantees that you won't miss important calls. <

Transfer Take Back

Transfer Take back enables you to transfer in progress calls from your mobile phone to another extension or to your personal mobile phone (or from your mobile phone to your office phone) simply by entering a star code into your phone during the conversation.

Web Control Panel

Our new Web Portal makes it easy to access and control features such as Unified Messaging and Call Routing. Web Portal also allows you to view your call logs, listen to Call Recordings and forward Voicemail. This is a great record keeping tool for businesses.

Unlimited Long Distance

Cloud Phone service leverages the power of the cloud to offer unlimited domestic calling in the US.* Control your monthly costs with a flat rate service. Included with our Cloud Phone service is the Diamond Voice IVR and Voicemail service you know and trust. Seamless integration merges all your communication and call routing options into one platform.

Works with Your Existing Telephone Equipment

In order to minimize upgrade costs, any analog office phones you might have can be reused with a special adaptor, and we can provide new IP phones too.

Included Technical Support

With hosted Cloud Phone, we provide all of your technical assistance, and we add or remove lines and features according to your workforce requirements. We also ensure that our service remains up to date with the very latest features to enable your business to operate with maximum efficiency.

Auto Attendant Voice Mail Features

  • Web Management Portal
  • Configure your service, retrieve messages and reports on the web.
  • Unlimited Mailbox Capacity
  • Live Call Transfer – Blind, Monitored or Screened
  • Voicemail Delivered to Email as WAV
  • Flexible Menu Number Assignment
  • Multi Level Menu Routing
  • Message Forwarding
  • Message Delivery Receipts
  • Pause, Rewind, Fast Forward Message Playback
  • Forward With or Without Comment
  • Voicemail Speech to Text*
  • Confidential Message Delivery
  • Auto Time/Date Stamp
  • Save Message As New
  • Scheduling for Transfer and Message Notify
  • Retrieving recordings
  • Personal Group Distribution Lists
  • Multiple Mailbox Greetings
  • Make, Answer Messages to/from Other Users
  • Volume Adjust
  • After Hours, Holiday and Lunch Greetings
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