How to Get Your Customers to Love You

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It’s a Mistake to only Sell on Price

Contrary to popular belief, your customers aren’t just buying on Price. Customers only buy on price when there is no other value to compare.

When you pick out new chairs for your office, you probably have a certain budget in mind. At the end of the day, you’ll compare chairs and pick the one with the lowest price that gets the job done. It’s not that important, so you go with lower price.

Now, consider another item you purchase with price as only one of the factors: Your car.

When comparing a Mercedes Benz vs. Honda Accord, the Honda will actually beat Mercedes in all major factors: Reliability, Durability, Safety, and more.

Rating: 10.0


Rating: 9.2

Yet, many people will still buy the Mercedes instead of the Honda. Why?

It's the intangibles!

The prestige, the elegance, the respect it brings - All intangibles for which they gladly pay more.

It’s the same with your Company. You don’t need to have the lowest price to keep your customers happy. You simply need to bring the intangibles.

Are you reliable? Do customers believe you will be around for the long haul? Are you reputable? Are they proud to be a client of your company?

Intangibles start with first impressions. They start when a prospect first calls you.

Prestige and Reputation Starts with Your Phone:

They want to feel they are calling a real business. A business that’s professional and proud. Does the phone connection sound like an established business or someone just working from their personal cell phone?

When your customers call, they want to hear what you say with crystal clear quality - As if you are sitting right across from them, listening to them, understanding their problems.

While they wait to speak to the right team member, the on-hold sounds and voices let the customer feel more at ease and assured that your company is proud of its brand and services.

Customers want to feel like THIS, when working with you.

These can seem like small things.

They aren’t.

Think of when you’ve called a local contractor and you’ve felt a bit uneasy as the call quality was choppy. You could hear their dog in the background, they were obviously using their cell phone to answer client calls. The voicemail box was filled up and calls never returned. Forgotten.

How Do You Get Customers to Love You?

Customers want to feel you will be there for them for years to come. The next time they need service, you will be right there to help them out. They will perceive a higher value to your product or service if you “sound” like you will be around in 5 years. When you boil it down, we don’t want to spend all our time shopping around for deals and new vendors.

You can transform your company in the same way. You can be that reliable, durable, proud company your customers depend on.

The best place to start?

Your Phone Service.

Your customers will feel at ease, be more enjoyable to talk with, and will buy more when you invest in yourself and in your brand. The old phone system you’ve had for years could be stopping you from keeping your customers coming back.

Your first impression for new and returning customers is incredibly important and you can’t afford to miss this step.

Set up a time to talk over options with one of the Diamond Voice team. Talk over these concepts. We want to be your business partners to help you grow, not just another vendor.

Start here.

Discover the impact of cloud phone service on your company and deliver that reliability, prestige, and durability to your customers so they come back again and again.