IVR Database Integration

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Give Your Database a Voice

Integrate Voice and Data

  • Cloud based IVR Services Designed for Performance

    • High call-volume voice information delivery
    • The ability to customize options at a controllable price

    With integrated, cloud IVR service, database information can be accessible by phone. Check balances, transfer funds or confirm order status.

    Diamond Voice provides data access through ODBC, SQL or Web Services no matter where your data is located. With multi-lingual support, you will have maximum flexibility for serving a variety of markets with a single hosted IVR application.

    We have designed and hosted IVR applications for a wide variety of organizations who need to make database information available to the public.

    • Hospitals
    • Theaters
    • Radio Stations
    • Retail Grocers
    • Stock Brokers
    • Utilities
    • International Delivery Svcs

    • Marketing Companies
    • Churches
    • Yellow Pages
    • PR Firms
    • Government
    • Waste Management

    • Television Production
    • Financial Institutions
    • Realtors
    • Publishers
    • Electronics Mfg
    • National Auto Clubs
    • Collection Services

  • Expandable

    • Combine IVR Database integration with Pay By Phone* to provide point of sale credit card or ACH (pay by check) processing.
    • Add Out Bound Dialer* to IVR Database integration for public opinion polling or payment reminder calls.

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