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Do Not Call Phone Number Removal Lines

Callers enter their number into a Do Not Call database without live operator intervention.


What is a Phone Number Removal Line?

With the rise of automated calling systems for delivering information by voice and fax, there is a corresponding need for providing a method of collecting and managing the telephone numbers of those who wish opt out, thus the need for Do Not Call services. IVR technology allows a caller to enter their phone number into a Do Not Call database without live operator intervention.


Who Needs Do Not Call Services?

Companies or non-profit organizations who utilize voice and fax telemarketing for the following can benefit from this simple, easy-to- use Do Not Call service via a telephone number removal line.

    • Lead Generation
    • Sales Promotion
    • Fund Raising

It’s required to maintain the Do Not Call list in-house. Call us to discuss how you can stay compliant.

Whether voice or fax removal service, the Removal Line automates the entire process for you and for the recipient.


How Does your Do Not Call service Work?

We make “Opting Out” simple and automated for you and convenient for the call recipient

We assign a Opt Out telephone number for your exclusive use. You can put this number on materials you distribute or use it in audio marketing campaigns. It has pre-recorded instructions for the caller to use the buttons on their keypad to enter a telephone number. Their number is then entered into a database along with the time and date of their phone call.


How do I Access My Do Not Call List?

We archive the database and you can retrieve it through our Web portal or FTP site. Before your next campaign, just download the latest version of your Do Not Call list.