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Crystal Clear IVR Data

From Order Processing and Surveys to Touch Tone Payments Diamond Voice delivers accuracy and quality

Number Removal

    • Do Not Call Registration
    • FCC Compliance
    • High Volume Capacity


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Q & A Mailbox

    • Audio Questionaire
    • Interview
    • Data Collection


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Database Integration

    • Event Sign Up
    • Account Registration
    • Order Confirmation


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Touch Tone Data


Capture the information you need without the man hours with automated touch tone data collection

    • You Are Over Spending

      Consider the various processes that your customers engage to exchange information with you:


        • Fill out a survey

        • Place an Order

        • Confirm an appointment

        • Register for an Event


        • Retrieve Account Information


        • Make a payment



      If you or your team are doing all of these processes manually taking time out of the day, away from more productive tasks, to take these calls, you’re overspending.

      What do we mean?



      Manual Processes Cost Time and Create Errors


      If a customer needs to confirm an appointment, it is much simpler for them to call an automated IVR, use touch tone input (e.g. “Push 1 to confirm appointment”), and hang up.


      Instead, many businesses have an hourly employee call each customer, spend time on phone as the customer is interrupted in their day, and manually input the customer response into your system.


      For pennies an hour, you will avoid errors and save money by having touch tone data collection built into your automated attendant to complete simple requests by your customer


    • Build Relationships

      Your employees can now spend more time on more productive challenges that produce revenue. Automate administrative tasks with proven technology. Spend your teams’ valuable time building customer relationship instead of giving or collecting data when it’s quicker and more accurate through automation

    • Automate the Simple Tasks

      Many common information collection chores can be accomplished with touch tone data. Each of these tasks can now be set up within your automated attendant and save thousands of manual hours per year. And this means thousands of dollars in savings for you

      Touch Tone Data might be what you’re missing right now with your automated attendant IVR. To save more time for you, give us a call to have your questions answered and get started if it’s the right option for your business. Simplify the simple tasks with touch tone data.

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