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Pay By Phone IVR

Turn any telephone into an automated Point of Sale terminal. No Data Connection Required!

    • Convenient

      Customers dial in to purchase and pay by phone all without you having to do anything.

    • Streamlined

      Taking orders and payments should be more streamlined with technology advances. Spending unneeded staff on these simple tasks isn’t efficient for you. The cost savings can go to growing your business. Many customers will appreciate not having to directly speak with someone to complete a simple task.

    • Saves Time

      Processing customer orders and payments with Pay by Phone automatically saves you the time and money spent on manpower needed to field every single call. Your customer enjoys it because they can call 24/7, on their schedule, to handle their business with you.

    • Quick Start

      It's very easy to set up Pay by Phone.

How does Pay By Phone Work?

Pay By Phone consists of pre-recorded questions such as:

    • "Enter your Credit or Debit card number"
    • "Enter your Expiration Date"
    • "Enter the Amount to Pay"
    • For ACH, "Enter your account and routing number"

Add Out Bound Dialer* to support payment reminder calls.

Collecting Additional Information

Pay By Phone IVR can collect optional items such as:

    • • Customer Name
    • • Billing Address
    • • Email
    • • Product or Item
    • • Quantity
    • • Shipping Address
    • • Audio Recording of Purchase Confirmation