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Delivers voicemail messages to your email or smart phone

  • With a busy schedule of countless client and in-house meetings, returning to see your phone blinking with multiple voicemails can put a quick halt to your day. Get your messages on the go.
  • From executives to account reps to service techs, we've all experienced message overload with voicemail, text messages and email. This is why we implemented Voice to Email capabilities for all Diamond Voice phones. It's an included benefit that lets you tap into your voicemail inbox from anywhere in the world without having to stop and call-in.
  • Instead of maneuvering through your voicemail on the telephone, get voicemail included with your email or text messages. All your messages in one place, easily accessible, at your fingertips with no wasting time searching. Online back-up saves you concern of accidentally deleting an important message from a customer. Voicemail to email lets you combine all your messages, voicemails and emails, into one application, in order.

Flexible Message Delivery

Get the whole recording or just a New Message Notification without the attachment.
You can always call in and listen to messages by phone
Messages can be automatically transcribed to text
Simultaneous delivery to Multiple email or Text message addreses
For high traffic applications, get message as a WAV file and mark the message as "Old" for quicker deletion or forward then delete immediately.